‘Tell me something about yourself ?’

I assume most of you who are reading this blog must have encountered this standard question atleast once during any formal conversation, however, for me this was a question that I dreaded since the time I started preparing for my MBA interviews. I would have an answer for literally anything under the sun right from an investment’s compounded annual growth rate to Hawking’s blackhole information paradox but this was one question which, no matter what, would always leave me blank and struggling for words. Now, you all must be wondering what in the world is so hard about it? Well, essentially nothing…as a matter of fact, telling about one’s ownself should ideally be a cakewalk but that’s not always the case!

For hours I pondered over how to ace this mini challenge sort-of even though there was no dearth of stuff that I could brag about to a T. You see I had everything on my resume that could make any other potential interviewee envious- good grades, awards, internship certificates, recommendation letters etc, but a thought always lingered at the back of my mind- Is this all what defines me? How many marks I fetched in my XII boards or how many internships I managed to crack? Should it not be something more valuable than that? It then took me some self introspection to realize that in the midst of all the rat race and academic pressure, my interests & hobbies took a backseat. Infact, to be honest, they went down the drain. My confusion and inability to express myself was a result of my own step-motherly treatment towards my creative pursuits which could have bloomed into something beautiful had I nurtured them properly.

Not many people know this but I loved writing songs! Nothing gave me more joy than penning down my thoughts in the form of beautiful lyrics. As a 15 year old, I took pride in my skills and considered it an intrinsic part of my personality however, with the tide of time & new responsibilities, I put everything on the back burner and eventually let my passion die a slow death.¬†From having a collection of self written songs to not being able to write more than two verses, I had certainly come a long way but not in the manner I’d desired. To be honest, it still boggles me as to how this transition happened. How I went from a creatively inquisitive child to a regular boring 22 year old who does nothing apart from scrolling down her Instagram feed to kill time. Infact, this realization wouldn’t even have happened had I were not asked to talk about myself. In a way, it served as a good eye opener for me to re-evaluate my choices. I now make it a point to invest some time in things that I genuinely, at one point, loved doing. It’s obviously not easy to get the rhythm back once you have lost touch but as they say, everything in life deserves a second chance, so why not your forgotten passion?